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Sunday, October 26, 2008 ' 1:43 PM


YAYAYAYAYAY! i managed to log in!
HOHOHOHOHO. tank yonling and hotmail (?)
LOLS. i guess this blog's really dead uhuh?
im savingggg itititititit. :O
lols! okay. im off to edit the blog skin
part of saving (!)
post up ltr again.


one twox

Thursday, September 11, 2008 ' 11:31 PM
y no one posting..... sian....

aiyo exams coming leh how??? eh wan after exam make 1/2 gathering? we bring class tee along after school all go change then go out wan? gan here but oso not sure later doing wad later all bring liao meet together liao then all asking each other eh come here do wad arh... eh discuss leh wad we want to do during gathering??

one twox

Sunday, July 20, 2008 ' 4:55 PM

hahs, thank me! lols

gan dun wan post thn i post lohs.... thn if one day nth post thn post you lohs... ur pictures so 'shuai', why dun let me post? hahah! be good boy luhs, do good thing mahs.

say thankyou uhs, no class register still manage to rmb all of you, thn put your name there. so kind rights?! but horh, if missing ur name horhs... dun look for me horhs.... hehs.

and EHS! passerby! u again uhs! no name issit? name is for calling, so USE UR NAME. lyk gan. gan loves his name. ask him teach you. hahs!

i dno what to put on profile, so leave it there lohs. if not if someone ingenius enough wna fill it in, GO AHEAD!!! i'll love you loads! xDDD

its so boring. spice up the tagboard at least, if you dun wna post. thts what the tagboard is for.
wows... i posted in three different blogs in an hour... im so super. hehehs.

yonling :DD

one twox

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